We Support

Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Mildura Airport are proud supporters of the Royal Flying Doctor Service RFDS who provide much needed primary healthcare and emergency medical services across Australia.  Mildura Airport holds local fundraising events and supports RFDS with regular donations.


Mental Health First Aid

The Mildura Airport are proud to announce that 33% of our staff including 60% of our management team have undertaken Mental Health First Aid Training. 

We have joined more than 900,000 Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders) across Australia, who have the skills to provide mental health information and support to someone when they need it most.

This is a significant milestone for our business; people’s lives do not stop and start at the workplace and extend way beyond.  We believe our workplace is well equipped to have informed conversations that enable empathetic and supported outcomes for our staff inside and outside of the workplace.

The MHFA Action Plan has been actively in use for an extended period, and we are seeing the benefits; we are confident that bringing MHFA into the workplace delivers the right mix of comfort, flexibility and stability to our amazing staff.

We encourage all businesses in the Sunraysia region to make Mental Health First Aid a learning priority on the same level as physical First Aid.   


White Ribbon Australia Accreditation 2022

The Mildura Airport is proud to announce it has successfully achieved White Ribbon Accreditation in November 2022.

This White Ribbon Accreditation program was instigated by our Board and Management team and has been directed and promoted by the hard work our Human Resources Manager, Paula Laing, our OHS Committee, Health and Safety Representatives and our employees.

We understand that the vital component to our success as a business, and the success of our employees is the investment in our people and creating a physically and psychologically safe and sustainable working environment.

By embarking on the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation journey, we trusted that management and employees would also join a journey of personal and professional self-discovery by being exposed to information and learning opportunities that previously they may not have had access to.

Mildura Airport management and employees completed White Ribbon Training which developed our understanding of the drivers of and types of violence and supported our understanding of the role we can play in preventing all types of violence.

The White Ribbon Accreditation journey has seen our airport management and employees implement a range of systems that serve our commitment to employee’s safety and wellbeing and supporting employees who may disclose Family Violence.

The Mildura Airport looks forward to maintaining and strengthening its commitment to the Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women and is grateful to support the work of White Ribbon Australia in creating awareness for workplaces, schools and communities.

The Mildura Airport has discrete resources available for the general public who travel through the airport for use or to pass on to people who may be impacted by family violence.

White Ribbon Australia provided strong support to the Mildura Airport to ensure our successful completion of the accreditation journey and provided guidance throughout the entire process.   We strongly encourage Sunraysia businesses to embark on their own White Ribbon Accreditation journey and partner with the Mildura Airport, Mildura Rural City Council and Southern Cross Farms in generating more awareness across our community.

For more information on the Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women you can visit Prevent Men’s Violence Against Women – White Ribbon Australia.

If you are interested in pursuing your own personal learning on this important social issue, we recommend people complete the FREE White Ribbon E-Learning Course which is available via this link White Ribbon eLearning Course (elmotalent.com.au).

White Ribbon – Employee Testimonial

It is good to know, this support is available for any employee who might be impacted domestic violence and that there is this awareness in our workplace.    I have been given the confidence that should I or someone else I meet at Mildura Airport be exposed to Family Violence, there is help readily available for them.  I now have the knowledge that if I interact with someone in my workplace who is displaying characteristics of domestic violence, that I have the ability to find assistance for them and for me ~ Donna. 


White Ribbon is an opportunity to educate our people. Being a part of an accredited workplace that enforces the Prevention of Men’s Violence against Women, opens the pathway to conversations that need to be had. It translates into all facets of, you are seen, you are heard and your health and safety is important to us.     We have created a platform to protect and defend our vulnerable employees.   It is a cultural shift and declaration that as a work community, we will not tolerate violence ~ Veronika.

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