COVID Safe Practices

Thank you for logging onto the Mildura Airport Website and for doing your homework to be ready before you fly!

For the most up-to-date information, including advice for travelers, we recommend visiting the VIC Health coronavirus website.
For National Health updates, please refer to the Australian Government Department of Health website.
For the latest information on travel restrictions related to Coronavirus COVID-19, please visit the Smart Traveller website.

For information relating to specific flights we recommend that you contact your airline directly.

                           Qantas – 13 13 13                                               Rex – 13 17 13

Flight Schedule 

The current Flight Schedule showing the expected Arrival and Departure of flights can be viewed here.

QR Code 

All passengers and visitors to the Mildura Airport terminal or our Administration offices are expected to QR code upon arrival.

Face Coverings
In line with the Victorian Government direction, you are required to carry a fitted face mask with you and wear it in the Mildura Airport Terminal.  All passengers and visitors to the Airport must  comply with these regulations while at the Airport.

Social Distancing Rules
Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters (two arm’s length) from others when you are passing through the airport, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and be mindful of this distance during check-in, boarding and queues.

Stopping the spread at Mildura Airport
In line with the Victorian Health guidelines, we have increased the frequency of cleaning in high-touch areas.
Soap dispensers in the bathrooms are regularly checked and refilled and hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the terminal.
Public health messaging has been increased encouraging everyone to maintain good hygiene practices.


Airflow & Ventilation

Airflow and ventilation within the Terminal is at optimal levels for this space and is supported by Ionic devices that assist to clean the air.

Our Covid Safe Marshall and our staff are ready to support passengers as they pass through the Terminal.

We thank all passengers, visitors, airlines, tenants, and all other stakeholders for your support and understanding as we return to Covid Safe Normal. 

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